I've been working on some Victrix Theban Hoplites lately. Here is a shot of some of them without their spears, I've left them off so they don't break when shipping. The Halfling is Eli Quick Night from Reaper Miniatures.
Its been a few weeks since I've posted anything, here are some Chaos Cultists that I finished up earlier in the week.  These are done at my "Grunt" style of painting.
Here are some more Indus minis and two Eureka Indian Merchants.
Here is another unit for the Ral Partha Dwarf project and some Indian Sepoy with muskets from Indus Miniatures. Over the next week I'll be posting more.
Here is a few Pulp City characters, C.O.R.E. and Mourn. 
I found a few old minis tucked away in a bits drawer the other day, they were partially painted so I finished them off. The wizard is an old Reaper figure 02905 Arthur Wonderhat and the gollum is from Ral Partha dated 1989. I also finished up another unit of Dwarf Crossbowmen. 
I finished up some more 40K Nurgle this week, several bikers and a Forgeworld Plague Hulk.
Here are a few of the first crossbow unit for the dwarf army.
Here is a picture of the Nurgle Daemons I did yesterday. I'll have more Nurgle goodness later this week.
The Pigmented Miniatures store is now open, the link is to the left. I'm using Ecrater as the shop platform its not great but its good enough to test the waters of eCommerce.